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Unformatted text preview: established, and related connections may all be taken into consideration when f ltering packets. Stateful in- spection is sometimes called con- nection tracking. stationary batteries. Batteries de- signed to have a f xed location and in scenarios where the power con- sumption is more or less irregular. Stationary batteries can accommo- date deep discharge cycles, but they are not designed to produce high currents in brief periods of time. See also: lead-acid batteries structure. In NEC2 , a numerical description of where the different parts of the antenna are located, and how the wires are connected up. See also: controls subnet mask see netmask subnets. A subset of a range of IP networks, de f ned by netmasks . switch. A network device that pro- vides a temporary, dedicated con- nection between communicating devices. See also: hub . switching conversion. A DC volt- age conversion method that uses a magnetic component to temporarily store the energy and transform it to another voltage. Switching conver- sion is much more ef f cient than lin- ear conversion . T target. In net f lter, the action to be taken once a packet matches a rule. Some possible net f lter targets in- clude ACCEPT , DROP , LOG , and REJECT . TCP see Transmission Control Protocol TCP acknowledgment spoo f ng TCP window size. The TCP pa- rameter that de f nes how much data that may be sent before an ACK packet is returned from the receiving side. For instance, a window size of 3000 would mean that two packets of 1500 bytes each will be sent, after which the receiving end will either ACK the chunk or request retrans- mission. TCP/IP see Internet protocol suite TCP/IP network model. A popular simpli f cation of the OSI network model that is used with Internet net- works. The TCP/IP model consists of f ve interdependent layers, from the physical through the application. See also: OSI network model . tcpdump. A popular open source packet capture and analysis tool available at http://www.tcpdump.org/. See also: WinDump and Wireshark . Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). An encryption protocol used in conjunction with WPA to improve the security of a communications session. thermal solar energy. Energy col- lected from the sun in the form of heat. See also: photovoltaic solar energy Glossary 411 thrashing. The state when a com- puter has exhausted the available RAM and must use the hard disk for temporary storage, greatly reducing system performance....
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Wireless+Networking+in+the+Developing+World_Part22 -...

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