Lecture 2 - 1/13/2011 Announcements...

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1/13/2011 1 SCIENCE AS A WAY OF KNOWING 1 ENV200H1S – January 13, 2011 Announcements Volunteer note taker required If interested go to Accessibility Services at 215 Huron St. Suite 939, or for more info http://www.studentlife.utoronto.ca/accessibility/pcourselist.aspx BIO150Y/120H are exclusions to this course and you will be removed from the course Readings: predominantly readings from the main text, unless preceded by “Supp” to denote they come from the Botkin & Keller supplement (white booklet) Tutorials: do not start till week of Jan 25 th , lots of movement so keep checking on ROSI for your preferred slot. We will be sorting Jan 20th Outline What is science Scientific method Science in the media Baloney Detection Kit Many Ways to Approach Knowledge & Understanding of the World Science is a way to understand the world and it uses a explicit approach to that understanding 4 Science seeks to explain HOW things work, invoking only natural causes Study of natural phenomena vs. human constructs What is science? Way of knowing process of discovery Essence is change in ideas 5 Increasingly better approximations about how the world works Does not deal with things that do not have the potential to be tested by observations, i.e. is it possible to disprove What Is Science? All scientific inquiry starts with an observable event called a phenomenon. 6
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1/13/2011 2 Phenomena: birds dying in Arkansas http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/u s/2011/01/03/dnt.ar.bird.fish.deaths.katv.html Hypothesis A temporary explanation for a scientific question based on observations and current knowledge A hypothesis A hypothesis… …does not need to be correct …does need to be testable 8 Experimentation “First I shall do some experiments before I proceed farther, because my intention is to cite
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Lecture 2 - 1/13/2011 Announcements...

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