Lecture 3 - 1/18/2011 Announcements Onlybyunderstandingthe

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1/18/2011 1 Only by understanding the environment and how it works can we make the necessary decisions to protect it. Only by valuing all our precious natural and human resources can we hope to build a sustainable future. Kofi Anan Former Secretary General of the United Nations Announcements Volunteer note taker required If interested go to Accessibility Services at 215 Huron St. Suite 939, or for more info http://www.studentlife.utoronto.ca/accessibility/pcourselist.aspx BIO150Y/120H are exclusions to this course and you will be removed from the course Tutorials start next week Jan 25 th Preview of tutorial groups will be posted Thur evening, switching within a timeslot permitted until Sun Tutorial #1 worksheet – Science and the Media, will be posted later today Outline Limitation of science? What is environmental science? Environmental challenges we are facing Population, consumption Environmental sustainability Sustainable development The limitations of science is science value neutral? Is it unbiased? can science explain everything? do the answers we get depend on the 4 questions we ask? what drives scientific research? What is “Environmental” Science Study of how the natural world works, how our environment affects us, and how we affect
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Lecture 3 - 1/18/2011 Announcements Onlybyunderstandingthe

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