1960 consequently the amount of water used for

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Unformatted text preview: n between 1983 and 1994 quadrupled, with the four African countries surrounding the lake competing for water for irrigation. This has accounted for a 30% decrease in the size of the lake since the early 1960s. 15 16 What happened? Sharing Water Resources The former Soviet Union's need for hard currency spurred the creation of a Central Asian cotton belt - and an extensive irrigation system to support it. Today 90% of the water meant to reach the Aral Sea never gets there. 17 1950s: Soviet Union diverts water for irrigation Aral Sea shrinks 1991: Soviet Union breaks up 5 countries working to help Aral Sea 18 3 3/29/2011 Water has to be shared in two ways: Effects: The reduction in water has caused a tripling in the salinity, loss of most of the fishery and general declines in aquatic biodiversity. The sea moderated the area's climate, and its shrinking has led to hotter, shorte...
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