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5 155 million key recommendations touched on source

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Unformatted text preview: rce water protection, • the training and certification of operators, • a quality management system for water suppliers, and • more competent enforcement 11 11 10 10 Too Too Little Water Overdrawing Surface Waters Damaging to ecosystems Wetlands dry up Estuaries become too salty Why are we removing so much water? Availability of surface waters may be a serious regional problem 12 2 3/29/2011 Lake Chad and the Aral Sea Lake Chad was once the world’s 6th largest freshwater lake 13 14 Aral Sea was once the world’s 4th largest freshwater lake Lake Chad The only water coming into Lake Chad is from the annual monsoons and the Chari River. The amount of water flowing in from the River has decreased 75% over the last 40 years as this area of Africa has seen a decrease in the amount of rain since the 1960s. 1960 Consequently, the amount of water used for irrigatio...
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