Lecture 20

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Unformatted text preview: 3/29/2011 Outline Aquatic Resources Freshwater Too much water Poor quality water Too little water Lake Chad, Aral Sea Sharing Water – water conflicts ENV200H1S March 29, 2011 How can we increase freshwater supplies? 1 2 Anthropogenic impacts on the hydrologic cycle Water Water Resource Problems The earth's water supply remains constant, but humans alter the cycle of that fixed supply. Larger populations require more water and also discharge more wastewater. Domestic, agricultural, and industrial wastes impacts impacts water supplies with hazardous chemicals and bacteria. These factors (among a host of others) contribute to a reduction in the availability of clean, drinkable water, putting even greater pressure on existing water resources. Too much water Too little water PoorPoor-quality water 3 4 Poor Quality Water Water Pollution Flooding River’s discharge can’t be contained Floods more disastrous today: why? What can be done? Physic...
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