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The sea moderated the areas climate and its shrinking

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Unformatted text preview: r summers but longer, colder winters. Infant mortality and teratogenic defects have increased (perhaps due to airborne contaminated sediments or agricultural 19 chemicals?). tensions over water will increase as scarcity increases water moves from upstream to downstream users so withdrawals and the type of use in one place affects the quantity or quality of supply downstream. 261 of the world’s rivers are shared by two or more countries. These international waterways account for 60% of the world’s freshwater supply and are home to approximately 40% of the world’s people between its different uses (energy, cities, food, fisheries, etc.), etc between users (administrative regions or countries sharing a river basin or aquifer) 40% of the world’s people live in river basins basins shared by 2 (or more) countries. Ganges (India, Bangladesh and Nepal) Colorado (U.S. and Mexico)] Danube (17 countr...
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