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Unformatted text preview: nts currently operating in more than 125 countries th 125 It remains expensive (money and energy) energy) 30 5 3/29/2011 Diversions where water is transferred from one watershed to another Aquatic ecosystems have evolved in response to an average hydrologic regime Diversions change that regime have implications have implications for for the sustainability of ecosystems most transfer schemes in Canada designed for hydroelectric development purposes and very few for urban consumption or irrigation James Bay 31 32 The Grand Canal re-emerges reHudson Bay James Bay 33 34 Potential environmental impacts: 35 Wetlands at the south end of James Bay (Ramsar (Ramsar sites) are important staging grounds for migratory waterfowl Aboriginal communities on the James Bay coast Fragmentation Fragmentation of the lowlands by the canal infrastructure infrastructure Chemical loadings/transfers of exotics into Superior Reductions in freshwater inputs to James/Hudson Bay and implications for deep ocean thermohaline circulation . . . 36 6...
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