Lecture 23 - Outline Course evaluations (11:10-11:25) Urban...

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1 Urban Environments ENV200H1S April 7, 2011 1 Outline • Course evaluations (11:10-11:25) • Urban Environments cont’d (11:25-11:50) – Urban sprawl – Sustainable cities/smart growth – Natural Cities • final exam format (11:50) • Pick up tutorials in lobby after lecture 2 3 Urban Sustainability Indicators • Children in poverty • Violent crimes • Access to health care • Air and water quality, litter Vacant or deteriorating ho sing 4 • Vacant or deteriorating housing • Participation in neighbourhood organizations • Access to public transportation • Shopping and services within walking distance • Quality of schools • Cultural and recreational opportunities Characteristics of Sustainable Cities (The State of Canada’s Environment – 1996, Environment Canada • a substantially higher average density than today's city • a network of subcentres and the downtown area interconnected by mixed-use corridors and rapid transit. 5 • a land use pattern in which residential and other uses are mixed more than is usually the case now, with compatible, nonpolluting industries located in or adjacent to subcentres. • a convenient, efficient, and reliable city-wide transit system and a network of safe bicycle routes . The use of private cars is restricted in favour of public transportation. Cars are excluded from certain parts of the city, such as the downtown area and the cores of the subcentres. a range of housing choices in every residential district, all built to high standards of energy and water efficiency. Residents can walk safely and conveniently to transit and cycle routes and to local
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Lecture 23 - Outline Course evaluations (11:10-11:25) Urban...

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