ykong's econ. assignment

ykong's econ. assignment - 3. Why do policies that limit...

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1. What’s your view point on the recent SONA of Pres. Aquino on the economic side. Pres. Aquino's difficulty to report any meaningful economic accomplishment had led the SONA to resort to half-truths such as on jobs and social services, empty claims such as on rice, and exaggerations such as on conditional cash transfers (CCTs). The SONA reported an all-time high in the stock market, improved credit ratings, and investor interest in oil and gas exploration in the country. Yet while Pres. Aquino hailed these as signs of an "improved and improving economy", these are in reality more relevant to investors than the ordinary Filipino. The reality of Filipinos is not as the SONA had portrayed. As expected, Pres. Aquino claimed an improvement in the employment situation with a slightly lower unemployment rate and 1.4 million jobs created. But in failing to mention that the jobs created were more than off-set by the growing labor force (1.2 million more) and increase in number of poor quality work (829,000 more underemployed), it glossed over the reality that the number of jobless and underemployed Filipinos increased by over 600,000 in the past year. There are now 11.6 million unemployed (4.5 million, by IBON's estimate) and underemployed (7/1 million) Filipinos in the country. Also as expected, Pres. Aquino claimed that the CCT program reduced poverty in the country. But he
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ykong's econ. assignment - 3. Why do policies that limit...

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