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Individual Project #1_jer_accounting

Individual Project #1_jer_accounting - RUNNING HEAD 1...

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RUNNING HEAD 1 Individual Project #1 James E. Rose Jr. American Intercontinental University
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Individual Project #1 I’ve been asked to speak at a career fair for high school students in Dallas, TX. I will create a presentation of my role as an accountant. Now I will begin my presentation: Good morning students and teachers of North Garland High School. My name is James E. Rose Jr and I was brought here today to discuss my role as an accountant. First, I will discuss in detail the primary objectives of accounting. Let’s get started shall we: The primary objective of accounting is to provide decision makers with information that facilitates their decision making. Now, decisions are made by individuals who are both internal and external to the company. What are internal decision makers? Internal decision makers include the following: business owners and management. External decision makers on the other hand, include bankers, labor unions, and government entities. Management’s primary objective is to maximize stockholder wealth, and the accounting information should assist with this(AIU Online M.U.S.E., 2011).
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