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HCR-220 checkpoint 1 - referrals to spets to make sure that...

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There are some similarities between the major types of health plans. One similarity is that all of these health plans are working towards a healthier society in which we live in. they all have co-payments or deductibles and some of these plans do not cover dental, or dental procedures. The co-pay is where the individual pays a payment that is going towards the payment to health care facility. The deductible is a specified amount in which is put towards the cost of the health care bill, this is to make sure that the insurance company policies is being paid by the policyholder. The differences between the major type of health plans are the details in which has to do with the coverage. For example, one type of insurance might cover birth control, but not cover your pregnancy if you are pregnant, and one insurance might cover your pregnancy but not your birth control. Some policies require
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Unformatted text preview: referrals to spets to make sure that you need what you say you need. Now, dealing with the co-payments and the deductible the amounts can change and can range from the type of policy obtained. I personally feel that most of all the insurance companies and the doctors’ offices raise the costs of visits outrageous prices. I am not to shy to admit it, I am on Medicaid because I do not have insurance, and since I do have this kind of insurance I feel like I do not get the care that I actually need. To be honest I have a pin whole leak in my gallbladder, it was supposed to be taken care of over a month ago, since I have this insurance I feel that I am being neglected. I think the best option for insurance companies would be to let people choose what they want covered and what they don’t, it shouldn’t be up to the major insurance companies....
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