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FINANCE 532 Personal Financial Planning Estate Planning Case Your advance assignment is to analyze Jan’s situation and answer the following questions. Be sure to explain your reasoning. You will hand in your paper with your name and analysis and recommendations at the START of the class. Please number your answers with the same numbers used for each question. Jan, your friend, a lifelong resident of the Capital Hill area of Seattle, recently told you that if Jan were to die, Jan wanted you to inherit everything Jan owned. Jan also wanted you to be the guardian of Cameron, Jan’s child, if Jan were to die. Jan is Cameron’s only living parent. Pat, Cameron’s other parent, died four years ago after being struck by lightening. Jan is afraid of what will happen if Jan dies and Jo, Jan’s evil twin, becomes Cameron’s guardian. Jan had been to an attorney about updating Jan’s old will that was written 11 years ago. Jan had just received from the attorney the new unsigned will. Also, Jan received Jan’s first
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Estate_Planning_Case - FINANCE 532 Personal Financial...

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