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BIOS 350 SU11 Syllabus

BIOS 350 SU11 Syllabus - University of Illinois at Chicago...

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University of Illinois at Chicago BIOS 350--General Microbiology Syllabus 2011 General Microbiology BIOS 350 Summer Semester Section 13932: M-W-F 10:00 am to 11:40 am SES room 230 Faculty Information a. Instructor: Sandra Gibbons b. Office: 3466 SES c. Office Hours: M and W: noon until 1:00 pm. d. Office Phone: 312-996-0961 e. E-mail: [email protected] Course Identification a. 3 credit hours b. Prerequisite: BIOS 100 (BIOS 101 is also recommended) or the equivalent; and credit or concurrent registration in either CHEM 130 or CHEM 232. c. Catalog description: Ultrastructure, genetics, molecular biology, physiology and metabolism of microorganisms; role of microorganisms in food, water, agriculture, biotechnology, infectious diseases, and immunobiology. Textbooks/Reading List Required: Textbook: Prescott’s Principles of Microbiology 2009 by Willey, Sherwood, and Woolverton. ISBN: 978-0-07-337523-6 Course Goals: a. The student shall demonstrate knowledge of common microbiological terms, facts and principles through exams, discussion, and written assignments. b. The student shall demonstrate an understanding of the "scientific approach" by its application in class discussions, written responses to problems and interpretations of data presented during class. Career Development Skills: a. Follow instructions. b. Organize notes and ideas for formal, semiformal, and informal presentation. c. Estimate, apply, and solve problems involving fractions, decimals, percentages, and real numbers. d. Check, edit, and revise for correct information, appropriate emphasis, grammar, spelling and punctuation. e. Compile and maintain records, logs, notebooks, and other documents. f. Access, navigate and use on-line services. g. Utilize problem solving skills. h. Participate in team tasks. i. Maintain openness to life-long learning.
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Course End Competencies: a. The student shall demonstrate competence in: 1. the history and evolution of microbial life, 2. the ultrastructure of various microbes, 3. the chemical and molecular basis of life, 4. the relationship between microbial growth and control of microbial growth, 5. epidemiology and the disease process, 6. the innate and adaptive immune response, 7. immune system hypersensitivity and immunodeficiency. b. The student shall develop an appreciation of the use of science in everyday life. STUDENT SUCCESS : The following list includes methods you can use to improve your chances of success in the microbiology course you are taking this semester. Come to every class. Read the textbook After reading the chapter assignments, write out the objective answers.
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BIOS 350 SU11 Syllabus - University of Illinois at Chicago...

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