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Comm 10 Week 2 Notes

Comm 10 Week 2 Notes - o upper limit is best defined if...

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upper limit is best defined if there is a meeting of the group and someone is not member but you can tell it is a small group if you can’t tell then it becomes a mass; if there is a meeting and a group member is missing but you can tell its small group it is otherwise if you can’t tell then it is a mass o Mass B. Mediation : (mediated versus non-mediated communication) refers to some inanimate thing coming b/w source and receiver; not necessarily good or bad Mediated Communication Non Mediated Communication Intrapersonal Writing in a journal, datebook, organizer, mirror Sitting and thinking own thoughts, feeling own feelings Interpersonal Telephone call; internet; letter; AIM (physically separated Face to face b/w 2 people Small Group Chat room, conference call Study group for class meet in dorm Mass Radio, television, film, print Something in lecture; live looking face to face or called public comm. [b/c microphone it can be mediated & non at same time! Like prison, glass b/w 2 people, communicating through phone; face to face looking so non mediated but b/c of glass and phone it is also mediated] o Live face to face communication is non-mediated o If web chatting that’s purely mediated because you are separated and object between you o Typically one source does a majority of the message delivery; feedback: laughing, looking interested; follow norms of appropriateness don’t jump up o Mediated mass communication: radio, television, film, print Feedback through ratings, polls etc. but more impersonal than even non mediated mass; no rules that audiences follow Get messages and shoot them back to the world o Complicating factors: often times have different levels of systems at same time i.e. in class we have mass comm., but we also have intrapersonal b/c we’re thinking, interpersonal when you talk to your neighbor; also not always clear what system it falls under, you dig a little, for example a painting: mass comes to mind 1 st , but can be intrapersonal b/w painter and painting (express emotions then look back at painting and remember the emotion); can be interpersonal if painting is for a friend to tell them how you felt
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C. Perception : we can talk to or at each other but sometimes still not understand each other; in typical dyadic conversations a lot if what is being communicated is misunderstood o Misunderstanding is an important communication problem; comes largely out of different perceptions o Important to understand this concept o TV ad during pres campaign showing a candidate chatting w/ disabled war vets and one person said that this candidate really cares about vets; another person said that this candidate is shamelessly manipulating sympathy for vets to get votes Saw the same ad but perceived different things o Perception is the complex process by which people receive, select and organize and interpret sensory stimulations into some coherent picture Begins with operation of 5 senses 2 stages: reception and analysis
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Comm 10 Week 2 Notes - o upper limit is best defined if...

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