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Com 100 Lect Week 6 M

Com 100 Lect Week 6 M - Com 100 Lect Week 6 M(REC 15...

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Com 100 Lect Week 6 M (REC 15) 11.1.10 1. History of rhetoric a. Sophistry: you are making it appear something, but it really isn’t just because you are good at twisting words. There is no substance of what you say. b. Plato said that truth is something we know, is absolute, is not a question just how you state/argue something. Whereas sophists, they will teach you something how to argue well, not considered about the truth. You don’t teach what the truth is about, but techniques. c. In medieval times, truth was something that is religious; rhetoric was just involved with practical manners. d. In the Renaissance, renaissance is humanism. They were emphasizing the importance of the language and expression. Because through language we understand the world. Therefore, our rhetoric helps us to constitute the world. Sound like interpretertism. e. The Enlightenment, our objective knowledge comes through science. We come to know the truth through science. f. SO WHAT is Rhetoric? i. Rhetoric is just a way convey the truth we know . But now recent years, rhetoric has made a comeback. Rhetoric is empty talk and is considered as a philosophical art. Rhetoric is a search for effective communications. ii. Why we are valued rhetoric more positively nowadays? 1. 1 st communication studies itself is a discipline and has become an independent studies of its own. Whereas 100 yrs ago, there is no such discipline. Now it is respectable, and understanding the whole process of communication. 2. 2 nd reason: another interesting development is that we have gone beyond the Enlightenment to some degree, we no longer believe that somehow, you can come up with truth through reasoning alone. Truth
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is something that is purely objective. Now many of us are interpretists. We see that you really can’t separate the reason and emotion. Through rhetoric we go beyond and removing misunderstanding. If we understand rhetoric, we improve communication; if rhetoric fail, it cause violent 3. 3
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Com 100 Lect Week 6 M - Com 100 Lect Week 6 M(REC 15...

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