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Com 100 Lect. Week 6 W

Com 100 Lect. Week 6 W - Com 100 Lect Week 6 W 11 03 10 The...

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Com 100 Lect. Week 6 W. 11. 03. 10 The most important communication theory is by Kenneth Burke. Life is a drama 1. Dramatism’s main assumptions a. Language = as human being face certain predicament, within that predicament, we have different situation. Therefore, our language develops as a way of dealing that predicament. When we use language, we are giving meanings. When you are looking at the meanings. So we have language as a respond to human condition. These words that we are using also express our attitude. Why the speaker or writer choose these particular words. b. Is rhetoric a persuasion? i. Burkes thinks, in a way it is a persuasion, but persuasion doesn’t take place the way that we think it does. We think that persuasion takes place because you come across an argument that is convening. Burkes don’t agree with that. The way it works that you persuade ppl with who you can indentify. So we have to look at the identification. Lots of the time, ppl are unaware that why they were persuaded by words. 2. Identification a. The recognize common ground between the speaker and audiences, such as our talent, personality, attitudes (substance), our field ect. When we talk to people, we wanna make them to identify with us. Then our message
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  • Meaning of life, beings experience guilt, experience guilt, face certain predicament, important communication theory

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