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Com 100 Week 7 F

Com 100 Week 7 F - Com 100 Week 7 F(REC 19 11 12.10 1...

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Com 100 Week 7 F (REC 19) 11. 12.10 1. Rosen’s (Professor of journalism) thesis: internet weakens press authority a. The press once had authority before the raise of Internet. Why? The public had connection with the press but no connection with each other. In words, vertical connection between the press and the audiences, but no horizontal connection between audiences members. The Internet changed this. Once you have the ability communicate among yourselves, as audience members. Then can you can influence each other. Don’t have to get all information from the press; According to Rosen, this is an important contribution to a greater democracy. 2. Hallin’s model of the three spheres a. Legitimate controversy: i. That is the area where the press or the journalists’ ideology of objectivity fits. The important point here is that journalists have an objectivity ideology, which sounds like a good positivist. They treated issues objectively. You are neutral, you are just reporting. That is the journalists’’ ideology. In the sphere of the legitimate controversy, this is the sphere where the ideas are actually debated, and where the ideology of objectivity actually plays a role. If the political parties and powerful people in Washington stated an issue, the journalist tends to go along with that, and then they will report both sides of the story. So here according to Hallin, you do have objectivity, and the journalists’ ideology is a reality in this sphere of legitimate controversy. b. Consensus i. These are the points of the views that everyone takes for granted as being correct. In other words, they are self- evidently true. This is the only way you can think about the questions. Then journalists can force that consensus, anyone doesn’t agree with that view, is not given a voice.
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You don’t represent any opposing views. There are no other values that would be present.
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Com 100 Week 7 F - Com 100 Week 7 F(REC 19 11 12.10 1...

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