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Com 100 Week 7 M

Com 100 Week 7 M - Com 100 Week 7 M(REC 17 11 08 10 McLuhan...

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Com 100 Week 7 M ( REC 17) 11. 08, 10 McLuhan is the most famous of the communication theorist; he has the idea that medium is our message. How we think, feel all of these is effected by technology, which we receive information. It is a big deal at that time, cuz we are in a transition of the print era to an electronic. He came up these very creative ideas. He is communicating in a very naturalistic way through cause and effect thinking. 1. Medium analysis of urban legend 2. The medium is the message – a. McLuhan’s goal – i. He didn’t say that the content doesn’t matter at all. He wants us to shift the focus from content to medium. The medium affects us subconsciously. With the content, that is our conscious mind get involved. So medium are more effects cuz we are not even aware of it. How do we work on our materials are the most influenced on what we produce; b. NRA example – i. e.g. McLuhan would say pay attention to the guns because with the number of the guns increase, people process more guns and then they are gonna use them more. c. Relation between content + medium i. The form of the words determines the medium and impact. We have thinking, speaking and writing. It can be the same words; but it is gonna be very different in these three different forms. What’s the difference between watch a film and a book, when a movie is made out of a book. When you are reading a book, you are by yourself, it
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