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Com 100 Week 7 W - Com 100 Week 7 W (REC 18) 11. 10. 10 1....

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Com 100 Week 7 W (REC 18) 11. 10. 10 1. Origins of US mass communication research a. After WWI, what was taking place is that in US, mass culture became more and more influential, cuz the rapid development of the mass media. The newspapers, movies, radio, they begun developing and become very influential. b. Ppl started to questions what are the big impacts that mass media have on ppl? During WWI, Media had been used by governments as propaganda purposes. It appeared that government can rather easily mobilize the people via the use of media. In that case is to go to war. Through the use of propaganda and trying to manipulate people’s thinking and attitudes. cuz of this, media can be very effectively used. Media uses as a propaganda purposes 2. Direct effects model a. It appears that the effect of the media is powerful, strong and direct. Nothing intervenes between the media message and the person’s attitude and action: magic bullet/hypodermic needle. You just got shot by the magic bullet. Whatever the producers’ of the media want you to think and feel. The producer has the power of the influence. The media can be a tool of propaganda. b. One of the good examples is the Payne studies in 1920s, they linked frequent movie attendance with juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, and other anti-social behaviors. At this time, people believe that the movies can take the mind of the audiences. What interesting about this ear is that you have already have the fears coming out, which is that our children have been stolen by the media, they have been brainwashed. Payne studies seems to confirm this fear. In 1950s, when TV came
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Com 100 Week 7 W - Com 100 Week 7 W (REC 18) 11. 10. 10 1....

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