Com 100 Week 8 F

Com 100 Week 8 F - Com 100 Week 8 F (REC 22) 11. 19. 10 1....

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Com 100 Week 8 F (REC 22) 11. 19. 10 1. Importance of media culture a. Media culture really does matter. Why? We construct our identity from our consumption of media, we find out model. Our worldview is from media. It educates us. What to think &what to do ect. Media has a huge influence on that. Media is the main socializing to children today. That means we are being educated by media. The story that really makes up our culture we get it not from our school and parents but from the media. Media also provides us resources and creating culture itself. b. Here is why culture studies is very critical because Through media we learn which group is powerful and powerless. It dramatizes and legitimizes the power those who rule. How does media do that? Is this an unreasonable claim? What can you do vs. what can you not do. What about the consumer society? How the social structure is reinforcing? People who consume more really have better lives. So we should all become consumers. Those people who consume the most are the people we want to imitate and look up to. Because that makes the most $ then that is the economic powerful groups. The media celebrates consumption 2. What is cultural studies? (it is critical approach) a. It is study of culture. What is the exact mean here? One thing is that look at the context. This is one of the reasons why it is a critical approach. So it’s looking at a culture within social, political, economic, social context. How does it relate to the society? b. Looking at the culture itself as a contested site. A place/location where culture struggles over. It means the different groups that are struggling with each other. For example, classes, R/E, genders, and sexuality. And those who control the production of the culture. To some degrees it has an ideological influence on society. There is a struggling for example to get
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Com 100 Week 8 F - Com 100 Week 8 F (REC 22) 11. 19. 10 1....

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