Com 100 Week 8 W

Com 100 Week 8 W - information from the officials b...

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Com 100 Week 8 W (REC 21) 11. 17. 10 1 st claim: connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda 2 nd claim: Iraq didn’t have mass destruction. 3 rd claim: US government was supporting certain defectors 1. Buying the War a. Squelching dissent i. After 911, it becomes unpatriotically to question the government. We will see how the media dealt with this issue. b. Making the case for war c. Closing thoughts 2. Theoretical perspectives a. Agenda-setting theory i. The press tells us what to think about. ii. Also tells us what to think in terms of attributes – whether there are or not the mass destruction weapons, what do the media tell us? They tend to gave us a lot of the opinions that they were, tend to out the opinions they were not. iii. Makes the claim that it is professionism/objectivity protects us from being the owners of the media. Did it really give us the information we needed to understand how to approach the issue of the Iraq war; they got lots of
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Unformatted text preview: information from the officials; b. Political economy theory i. The PET thinks the news you get is either the need for the rating/making profits or the view pts of the owners. Any dissent view is bad business; they have to get rid of it. There is fear all around if the journalists report the things that the people at the top disagree. ii. Real objectivity is to bring up the fact. But the media are not doing that. c. Spiral of silence theory i. You could not hear any the dissent the view from the press against the war; people think everyone is for the war. You get fear to have a dissenting view. d. Hallin- Rosem Model i. The Iraq war is the sphere of the consensus rather than the sphere of the legitimate controversy. Anyone who have an opposing view is the sphere of deviant. ii. The journalists are just repeating the Washington outsiders....
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Com 100 Week 8 W - information from the officials b...

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