Com 100 Week 10 M

Com 100 Week 10 M - Com 100 Week 10 M(REC 25 11 29 10 We...

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Com 100 Week 10 M (REC 25) 11. 29. 10 We are looking at the intention of the producers and textual analysis. When we are doing textual analysis, we are trying to find out the meanings that the producers try to give to the culture. What do the audiences do with the meanings? 1. Semiotics political interpretation of popular culture a. Semiotic is used to analyze popular culture. b. Focus on the analysis of science; it means everything that exists has some meaning. It never experienced in a neutral fashion. It is given a meaning by those who are producing and using. In the daily life we are always doing semiotic analysis because we are always interpreting science and give meaning to sciences; we are analyzing; e.g. a shirt, a haircut and a TV image all these can be taken by science. They can be decoded and analyzed and gave meaning to it. c. This type of analysis came from a French guy, a cultural theorist. He looked at many different aspect of the French popular culture and began to analyze the meanings, e.g. pro- wrestling, toy, plastic. d. All of these are not very exceptional. He also said that the meanings are political, cuz they are serving the interests as the producers attempt to give these products a meaning. So we think movies are just entertainment, there is no meaning, but actually social being are political and it reflects meaning and value. These interests are expressed in certain ideology. So certain groups have their interests as you promoting. Their interests reflect their ideologies. You are saying that popular culture is field where they are competing the ideology. There is a struggle that who has control of over popular culture. E.g. everyone likes to watch sitcoms, what are the possible meanings could be in there? The wife is the homemaker. The meaning of this sitcom is to stay at home to be a housewife. 2.
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Com 100 Week 10 M - Com 100 Week 10 M(REC 25 11 29 10 We...

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