OBSCENITY HYPOTHETICAL - . .,Helen ofTroy,'sbirth. swanan

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OBSCENITY HYPOTHETICAL Suzy Q is a cartoon artist and comic book illustrator. Her latest series of comic books  depicts 10 stories from classical Greek mythology. The first story in the comic book, Helen  of Troy, portrays the story of Helen's birth. The Greek god Zeuss turned himself into a  swan and raped a beautiful mortal woman named Leda. Later, Helen was born. The comic book  portrays the rape in detail before moving on to other events in Helen's life, and then on  to nine other stories from classical Greek mythology. Last week, Suzy Q was arrested at a book signing for breaking a CA statute that says: No one may depict or portray sexual intercourse between humans and animals. Is her arrest consistent with the first amendment? State the case(s) that control the  issue, apply the test(s), and state your conclusion.  The cases that control this issue are Miller v California, Skywalker and Luke Records. The issue in Miller v California was under what circumstances can a state label material as obscene so as so regulate its dissemination consistent with the First Amendment. The Court noted that the states have a legitimate interest in prhobiting dissemination of
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  • Summer '08
  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Sexual intercourse, Obscenity, Comic book, Miller v. California

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OBSCENITY HYPOTHETICAL - . .,Helen ofTroy,'sbirth. swanan

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