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Comm 146 Notes Lec 1 - Communication Studies 146: Evolution...

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Communication Studies 146: Evolution of Mass Media Images Lecture 1, 01-04: Evolutionary Psychology -- some misconceptions I. Arachnophobia (1990) clip (part 2) A. So many people are afraid of spiders, but how many have actually been bitten before? II. Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness (EEA) A. Cars pose more danger to our survival than spiders, but spiders arouse more fears in people B. “A statistical composite of the adatpaion-relevant properties of the ancestral environment encountered by a member of ancestral populations, weighted b their frequency and fitness consequences” C. “A multivariate and dynamic niche-space that mathematically describes selection pressures on evolving humans” D. The environment in whcih our bodies and brains evolved, and for which they’re best suited E. The EEA explains why we fear spiders III. EEA, definition: The set of reproductive problems faces by members of a species over evolutionary time A. This means we’re forced to respond in these adaptive ways B. Examples of reproductive problems include finding mates, finding food, avoiding predators, combating pathogens C. Gives us predispositions to things, like the fear of spiders IV. The currency of evolution: adaptations A. Adaptations are specialized heritable mechanisms designed by natural selection to promote survival and reproduction B. Organisms possess precisely those adaptations that facilitated survival and reproduction in the EEA 1. ex. sweet-tooth in ancestral environment is adaptive -- sweet fruit is high-
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Comm 146 Notes Lec 1 - Communication Studies 146: Evolution...

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