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Comm 146 Notes Lec 2 - Lecture 2, 01-06: I. Detecting the...

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Lecture 2, 01-06: I. Detecting the snake in the grass A. We’re afraid of snakes B. But skdfjskfjsdfk C. lsdfjdlkfj II. Experiment 1 A. Adults and preschool children are presented 3 x 3 figure matrices B. Instructed to find the snake among eight flowers (frogs, caterpillars); or find the flower frog, caterpillar) among the eight snakes. C. Measure response latency -- how quick they did this 1. found the snake in the flowers faster. shows that we’re cued up to find the recurrent threat, psychologically predisposed D. Effect of snake experience. 1. Survey the people before the experiment. Asked if they’ve been to the zoo, own a snake. This experiment was independent of snake experience E. There is something unique about snakes. There was a statistically significant difference in 5 out of 6 cases between response time for snake and non-snake -- people found snakes faster. III. Experiment 2 A. Used infants. Played ten-second films with two photos on screen: snake and other animal. Played fearful voice and happy voice. B. When they played the fearful voice, the baby spent more time looking at the snake. Shows that the infants associate fear with snakes C. This fear is a motivating principle to avoid snakes IV. The currency of evolution: adaptations A. Evolutionary theory supports the idea of a body and brain system comprised of adaptations designed to solve recurrent problems sldkfsdjk V. Evolutionary Psychology A. Definition : The application of the principles and knowledge of evolutionary
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Comm 146 Notes Lec 2 - Lecture 2, 01-06: I. Detecting the...

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