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Comm 146 Notes Lec 6 - Lecture 6 01-20 I Introducing sex...

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Lecture 6, 01-20 I. Introducing sex differences A. The example of math abilities B. On average, men have been found to slightly but significantly outperform women on tests of mathematical ability (whereas women slightly but significantly outperform men on tests of verbal ability) II. The Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness (EEA) A. Scholars said this difference didn’t make sense in hunter-gatherer society B. slkdjf C. III. Tests of math skills A. Mental rotation tasks -- used to test mathematical abilities between men and women 1. found that male-female difference in performance held in these tasks B. Concentration, Memory, Pelmanism, slkdjf, or simply Pairs 1. Pelmanism (object location tasks) 2. Gender difference reverses -- Women outperform men on these tasks (ex. finding pairs of cards) C. EEA -- mental rotations vs. object location tasks 1. How does EP explain this? 2. If you accept that men were more so the hunters, they need to track objects in space. Men with these skills reproduce at a greater rate and become our ancestors 3. If women were more the gatherers, then they would need to be able to find and recall the stationary locations of food supplies. These women would reproduce at a greater rate too. D. Women’s preferences are the primary force that guided evolutionary processes. .. IV. Sex differences in navigation strategies A. Men say go left, right, straight. Women will use stationary locations as landmarks V. About Last Night -- video clip A. Men exaggerate their sexual exploits
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Comm 146 Notes Lec 6 - Lecture 6 01-20 I Introducing sex...

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