Comm 146 Notes Lect 3-4

Comm 146 Notes Lect 3-4 - Lecture 3, 01-11: Network...

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Lecture 3, 01-11: Network (continued) Lecture 4, 01-13: I. Human universals A. According to EP: Beneath the surface variability in human behavior, most all humans share certain assumptions about the nature of the world 1. those views proliferate in the gene pool and become part of our evolutionary inheritance B. Example: Women prefer high-status men as prospective partners C. Women who date low-status men does not invalidate the worldwide preference for high-status men II. Parental investment theory (Trivers, 1972) A. Whereas females must invest a great amount of time and energy to reproduce at all, males must only invest their sperm B. sldjkf C. “A man in evolutionary skljfslkfj 1. If a woman loses her male support, becomes socially ostracized -- not a good adaptive strategy III. Sex Differences A. What do men and women want in a mate? B. What men want more? 1. Men list good looks and good health (indexed by youth) more on their top 20 desirable traits list -- shows they are fertile from evolutionary perspective C. What women want more? 1. Her ideal mate’s a bit older and he’s financially successful or has economically promising prospects a) Would we expect powerful women’s mate preferences to be significantly different? b) Studies show that preferences aren’t that different
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Comm 146 Notes Lect 3-4 - Lecture 3, 01-11: Network...

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