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Comm M149 Essay 1

Comm M149 Essay 1 - Vinisha Vazdani Communications M149...

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Vinisha Vazdani Communications M149 Professor R. Hammer The Social Network: A True Phenomenon In the past decade there have been many changes that have occurred through the advancement of technology . One such development is the social network phenomenon . It was not too long ago that online social networking was given very little attention . However , today there are over 65 different social networking sites with over one million registered users . As we move further into the 21 st century , societies all over the world have placed a great deal of importance on efficiency where we want to invest less time and reap better results. It is important to note , that social networks , , have affected our global societies in a variety of ways in many facets of our daily lives . Through cultural studies we are able to show how media culture articulates the dominant values , political ideologies , and social developments and novelties of the era ( Kellner , 2003 , p . 10 ). I will be decoding a popular film directed by David Fincher , The Social Network ( 2010 ), by using the diagnostic critique approach proposed by David Kellner . This approach uses both history and social theory to analyze cultural texts and in turn it could also be used to use cultural texts to shed light on historical trends , conflicts and anxieties. The Social Network is a film that shows the creation and growth of Facebook which has become a prevalent and addictive media outlet because of its 1
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ability to ultimately transform its members to avid and addicted users that are constantly depicting themselves as celebrities in their own online world. The Social Network is a film about Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. Depicted as the all cliché nerd who speaks a mile a minute, clearly brilliant and more than a bit antisocial, Mark comes up with an interesting idea called Facemash- a site where Harvard University students could rate how good looking their fellow female friends and classmates are. After realizing how much traffic this simply coded website received within such a small period of time, it became the precursor to Facebook. Where only a little more than a decade ago we would have to count on snail mail, fax, pagers and phones as our way of connecting and communicating with people, we can now connect with our friends and family by simply logging on to a website where we are aware of the fact that everyone we know are a part of the same online community as ourselves. Social networking has become a large part of many people’s lives. Especially
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