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Physics 2c quizzes - Physics 2C Quiz 1 4/8/2011 Directions:...

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Physics 2C Quiz 1 4/8/2011 Directions: Use pencil only . On your Scantron, you should have already blackened in your Student ID, using “1” for “A”, making a 9 - digit number (for shame if you haven’t). Now, fill in ?? in the Test Form box. You should also have already filled in your 3- digit quiz code under “Exam number”. Choose the one best answer. Questions may include more or less information than is needed, so sometimes the answer is “not enough information.” Pay close attention to the units of given numbers. You may find some of the following formulas and information useful: 22 2 22 11 / 2 yy vF v P A v k xvt    speed of sound in air = 330 m/s, in water = 1700 m/s. speed of light c = 3.00 10 8 m/s. 1. A cork bobs in water, 1.5 m from shore. Waves traveling toward shore hit the cork. If I double the amplitude of those waves, how many times longer does it take the cork to wash to shore? A) 0.71 B) 2 C) not enough information D) 1/2 E) 1/4 2. The frequency of a violin string is too high by one half-step (6%). About what fractional change in tension must be applied to get it in-tune? A) -12% B) 6% C) 3% D) -36% E) not enough information 3. A solar panel on the moon is 1.0 x 2.0 m. The intensity of sunlight on the moon is 1.4 kW/m 2 . At some time during the lunar day, the panel is at an angle of 30 deg to the line joining it to the sun. What is the solar power hitting the panel? A) 2.8 kW B) 3.2 kW C) 1.4 kW D) 4.8 kW E) 2.4 kW 4. What is the wave number (spatial frequency) of a 2.0 kHz sound wave, in rad/m? A) 240 B) 6.1 C) 660 D) 660,000 E) 38 5. A wave pulse is given by y(t, x) = 3/[(2x - 3t) 2 + 1]. When t = 0 s, the pulse has its maximum at x = 0 m. 5 seconds later, at what x value will the maximum be, in m? A) 47 B) 1.2 C) 7.5 D) 47 E) 7.5 6. Which of the following is not a solution of the wave equation? A) ln(3x 4t) B) A cos(kx ωt ) C) A/(x-t) 2 D) A cos(kx 2 ωt 2 ) E) A/(x - t) 7. Two stereo speakers are mounted on a wall 4.0 m apart, and emit identical harmonic sound waves. You are on the opposite wall, 8.0 m from the speaker wall, and on the midline between the speakers. You walk parallel to your wall and find a sound minimum 2.0 m from the midline. What is the wavelength of the sound, in m? A) 0.94 B) 180 C) not enough information D) 11 E) 1.9
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8. A cork bobs on a passing water wave, with an amplitude of 2.0 cm, completing one cycle each second. Similarly, a second cork 15 m away bobs to its minimum exactly when the first cork is at its maximum (and no nearer cork would do this). What is the speed of the water wave, in m/s? A) 15 B) 4.8 C) 30. D) not enough information E) 190 9. A sound wave of 2.0 kHz takes 40. ms to travel in water between two boats. About how long will a wave of 1.0 kHz take, in ms? A) 20. B) 160 C) 40. D) not enough information E) 10. 10. A tight wire has a tension of 7.0e2 N. A length of 2.0 m has a mass of 1.0e1 g. What power is needed to send a 1.0 kHz wave with 1.0 mm amplitude?
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Physics 2c quizzes - Physics 2C Quiz 1 4/8/2011 Directions:...

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