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Chem 6B Equation Sheet (Section Quiz 1) 1 Prof. Crowell Chem 6B Section Quiz Equation Sheet Ideal gas law: P Vn R T The natural logarithm of the pressure is inversely proportional to temperature: ' G = ' G q + RT ln (P/P q ) ln vap vap vap GH S P RT R ±' ±' ' ² DD D with the resulting Clausius-Clapeyron Eqn: 2 12 1 11 ln vap H P P T ±' §· ± ¨¸ ©¹ D Phase rule: 3 F p ± ; Henry’s Law: Solubility (moles/liter) , moles/L-atm HH SkPk Heat of Solution: ' H soln # 0: Ideal Solutions; ' H soln < 0: Non-ideal Solution showing negative deviation from ideal behavior; ' H soln > 0: Non-ideal Solution showing positive deviation from ideal behavior. moles of solute moles equivalent of solute moles of solute ;; ; liters of solution liters of solution kilograms of solvent moles of solute total moles of solut B Molarity M Normality N Molality m Mole Fraction F 6 mass of solute ;% 1 0 0 ; e and solvent mass of solution volume of solute volume of solute (L) %1 0 0 ; ( ) 1 0 .
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