Conflict Management styles

Conflict Management styles - I neffective Techniques No...

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Ineffective Techniques No action : Doing nothing Secrecy : keep conflict away from people. Administrative orbiting : delaying action on conflicts Due process no action : conflict procedure that is costly, time consuming or personally risky Character assassination : Attempt to label or discredit an opponent Effective Technique Super ordinate goals : Both parties focus on a larger issue on which they both agree. Expanding resource : If the conflict source is scarce resources providing more resources will resolve this conflict. Changing Personnel : transferring or firing an individual but only after due process. Changing Structure: One way of accomplishing this is to create an integrator role. Using cross- functional teams is another way of changing the organization’s structure to manage conflict. Confronting and Negotiating : some conflicts require confrontation and negotiation between the parties. Negotiation: Discussion about solution
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The result is both parties work toward beneficial solution for complex conflict. There are two major negotiating approaches Distributive bargaining Integrative negotiation Distributive bargaining is an approach in which the goals of one party are in direct conflict with the goals of the other party. Integrative negotiation
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Conflict Management styles - I neffective Techniques No...

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