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Hai Nguyen MBA 540: Managerial Economic Current event Japan is a developed industrial country. However, Japan doesn’t have lot of natural resources comparing with other countries. Thus, Japan’s industries depend mostly on nuclear power. Japan became the third largest nuclear power user in the world with 53 nuclear reactors that provide 34.5% of Japan’s electricity. Furthermore, Japanese Government had set a goal to get 50% Japan’s energy from nuclear sources by 2030 and had planned to build 14 more reactors. But the earthquake and tsunami incident on March 11 damaged the whole nation, especially Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. To
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Unformatted text preview: decrease the impact of nuclear problem, Japanese Government agreed to temporarily shut down the power plant at Hamaoka. This decision means its two operating reactors will go into a planned shutdown at a date not yet set, while s third reactor won’t be brought back online from its current scheduled maintenance period. We all see how this nuclear problem affects Japan. In my opinion, Japan should start over by forming a long term energy policy, dropping plans to get half its energy needs from nuclear power and instead turning to renewable source such as solar, wind and biomass, and conservation....
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