Bus 135 0901 Sp Frances Drew Unit 5 WA

Bus 135 0901 Sp Frances Drew Unit 5 WA - Unit 5 Writing...

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Unit 5 Writing Assignment Frances Drew Business 135 0901SP 1. If your boss asked your opinion of methods improvement, what would your response be? I feel that the methods improvement could be of great benefit to this and most organizations. When the methods approach is used the benefits can be tremendous. These benefits can include; reduced cost, less delays, better quality and reduced waste and even improve safety and create more satisfied employees. First by determining the current approach used you can eliminate unnecessary steps and make the work easier for the employee. By getting the employees onboard with the program and helping them to see that it really is a smarter, not harder approach and that is not essentially just what management wants, you will be increasing productivity and making a happier more effective workplace. 2. Why do you think most employees are not enthusiastic about cost control? What can the supervisor do about this problem? Most employees view cost control negatively because of how they fear it will affect them. Employees tend to be weary of programs that they do no fully understand. When it comes to cost they feel that they will be directly affected by their pay, overtime and hours works. As a supervisor, you have
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Bus 135 0901 Sp Frances Drew Unit 5 WA - Unit 5 Writing...

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