Bus 135 0901 Sp Frances Drew Module 2 WA 2 - 1

Bus 135 0901 Sp Frances Drew Module 2 WA 2 - 1 - Module 2 W...

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Module 2 Writing Assignment 2-1 Frances Drew List and describe the three major categories of change that are of concern to supervision. The first category of change that affects supervisors is in the technological category. This category can involve new computers, operating systems, new processes and products. Second is the environment which can involve legal issues like laws and taxes or trends from social, fashion and political. More to the front of the organization is the consumer trends and suppliers. The final category is the internal portion of the organization. The final has to do with policies and procedures, job restructuring, reorganization and budget adjustments. List and describe the four basic reactions of employees to change. If an employee cannot see the immediate effect that the change will have on them they will often resist the change. People tend to be afraid of the unknown and will shy away from it. If the change is not compatible with their needs then they will resist the change. These employees may feel that the change will make things worse. If they see that the change is going to happen no matter how they feel about it they may resist the change at first but then reluctantly go along with it because they feel they have no choice. Finally if an employee sees that the change is in their best interest they will be motivated to go along with it. Name and describe
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Bus 135 0901 Sp Frances Drew Module 2 WA 2 - 1 - Module 2 W...

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