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WA1 Bus 135 0901SP Frances Drew - F rances Drew B usiness...

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Frances Drew Business 135 Principals of Supervision 0901 SP Define supervision. Supervision is the first stage of management in any type of organization. Supervisors are in charge the employees who physically produce an organizations goods and services. They also are in charge of motivating employees to work as a team and to contribute in a positive way to the organization. Supervisor’s duties include five basic activities: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling and Staffing. Why is it a good idea to generate several alternatives when making a decision? Supervisors should always have alternative solutions for a couple of different reasons. By identifying alternatives, a supervisor is allowing themselves to be more flexible in situations. Also by creating different alternatives a supervisor is allowing for his or her team of employees to throw their own ideas out and help contribute. Another important factor of going through all the alternatives is coming up with the most efficient and cost effective one. Be comparing all alternative it will give an idea as to time and man power and how much money each will cost.
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Name and briefly discuss several traps that supervisors frequently fall into when making decisions. A supervisor must take caution when making decisions for there are many common traps that they can frequently fall into. All too often some supervisors tend to make every decision the BIGGEST of all decision, this one also goes hand in hand with creating a crisis situation out of the decisions. Not all decisions require the same amount of time. Supervisors must also make good use of their team, meaning that they need to remember to consult with others whether it is because of their ego. They also need to not take too long in making their decisions. By delaying the
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WA1 Bus 135 0901SP Frances Drew - F rances Drew B usiness...

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