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SA3 Frances Drew ib_e03_industryanalysistrouble

SA3 Frances Drew ib_e03_industryanalysistrouble - he had...

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# Questions 1 2 3 4 He said that he used the Absolute reference on one of the cell locations in the formulas but, he still gets this funny error. He used a sum function in cell B8 but he thinks the total looks a little low for the answer after emailing the workbook. He used the average function in cell B9 and cant figure out why his outcome doesn't match what he sees for company income. He used the COUNT function in his sheet to tally the number of companies but he returns a total of 0 and he cant understand why?
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Answers he was only adding the sum of B3 and B7 by using a "," instead of a " : "
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Unformatted text preview: he had inclded the total cell B8 in the average there is no numberic vaule in the cells that he is counting the first issue is that the cells are being devided my empty cells and the second issue is there needs to be a $ in front of the column letter and row numbers Analysis of Industry X Net Sales Company A $50,000,000 0.27 Company B $42,500,000 1.15 Company C $35,000,000 #DIV/0! Company D $30,000,000 #DIV/0! Company E $27,500,000 #DIV/0! Total $185,000,000 Average $37,000,000 Total Number of Companies = Percent of Market...
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