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EXCR1 FRANCES DREW ib_e02_furniturefiasco

EXCR1 FRANCES DREW ib_e02_furniturefiasco - Errors Found...

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Errors Found 1 2 weekly sales data title 3 column headers 4 sales in weekly sales data title spelled wrong 5 inadequate column spacing 6 00's at the end of all currency data 7 no total data 8 no borders 9 unsorted information 10 sheet unamed 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dept 25 Children's Crib shows that at the beginning of the week there were only 100 cribs but at the end of the week there are 7500 even though none were received.
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Corrections Made no changes made data incorrect. merged cells then changed the cell color and font color to make it stand out corrected spelling changed all of the columns spacing to better suite the data in column d and e changed the decimal position added borders to all of the cells for ease of viewing sorted all data by department ascending then by weekly sales descending did not change the sheets name due to not knowing what to title it. wrapped text for all column headers then changed font and cell color to make stand out more no changed made since it is unclear what total information is needed whether it be sales for the end of week or to date.
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