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Module 3 Online Assignment Frances Drew BUS 116 0901SP The Lily Law Office insists that in order to protect your small bossiness from being liable for the unauthorized acts of your employee’s that it is important to protect yourself from the very beginning. The give examples of such things as an altercation between to employees working late and one ends up hospitalized, or a former secretary steal customer credit card information. If you did not protect yourself from the beginning you could be held liable for their actions. They suggest that by following a few steps you will be able to protect yourself from the very beginning First you need to start with detailed employment applications with all prior information on your employees from employment history to possible criminal records. Conduct a
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Unformatted text preview: thorough interview so that any gaps will be filled as far as employment history and verify all education history and employment history. Also by finally conduction a background check and requiring drug tests or physicals you will be ensuring that as a small business owner you have not acted negligently in hiring your employees. These steps will help you as a small business owner make sure that you are not a negligent owner. These are especially important to follow if you own a busniess having to deal with people’s homes, finical information or healthcare as these are of increased risk for negligence. http://thelillylawoffice.com/2011/04/05/6-ways-to-protect-your-business-from-negligent-hiring-claims/...
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