BUS 116 0901SP Frances Drew Module Three WA

BUS 116 0901SP Frances Drew Module Three WA - Module Three...

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Module Three Writing Assignment Frances Drew Bus 116 0901SP 1. Inverness Corporation markets the Inverness Ear Piercing system, which includes a training course, an "eye-catching" assortment of selling aids" such as counter displays, and release forms that tout the system as "The Only Completely Safe, Sterile, Ear Piercing Method". Margaret Barrera, the owner of a jewelry cart in a mall, bought the system, took the course, and set up the displays. Seventeen-year-old Angela Williams paid Barrera to pierce Williams' ear. The ear became infected, which led to complications. Williams' mother filed a suit on Angela's behalf in a Maine state court against Inverness and Barrera, claiming that Inverness was liable on a theory of agency by estoppel. How should the case be decided? Explain thoroughly. By Williams saying that Inverness was liable on the theory of agency estoppel goes against what she is trying to prove. This means that the Inverness would not be liable because there is no agency agreement between Barrera and Inverness which is correct. Barrera purchased the system from Inverness which does not imply that there is an agency agreement between Barrera and Inverness. Williams' mother would have to file suit against Barrera and prove that Barrera acted negligently when she pierced Angela's ears and cause the infection. 2. Paul Gett is a well-known, wealthy financier living in the city of Torris. Adam Wade, Gett's friend, tells Timothy Brown that he is Gett's agent for the purchase of rare coins. Wade even shows Brown a local newspaper clipping mentioning Gett's interest in coin collecting. Brown, knowing of Wade's friendship with Gett, contracts with Wade to sell a rare coin valued at $25,000 to Gett. Wade takes the coin and disappears with it. On the date of contract payment, Brown seeks to collect from Gett, claiming that Wade's agency made Gett liable. Gett does not deny that Wade was a friend, but he claims that Wade was never his agent. Discuss fully whether an agency was in existence at the time the contract for the rare coin was made. In this case Paul Gett is the principal and Wade is acting as his unauthorized agent. He and Wade never had an agreement of any kind for Wade to act on his behalf and set up a purchase for the coin. It seems obvious in fact that Wade was setting up Brown to commit fraud and steal the coin from him without either party being aware of his intent. Now that we have determined the relationship between Wade and Gett is not a Principal/Agent relationship means
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BUS 116 0901SP Frances Drew Module Three WA - Module Three...

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