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BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 14 Frances Drew

BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 14 Frances Drew - the way to be...

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Chapter 14 Self-Assessment BUS 137 Principles of Management 1903SU Frances Drew 1. I scored an 80 so I was very surprised by my score. This puts me rather low on the leadership skills bit I suppose there is a difference between leaders and managers. I guess I am to much of a procrastinator in order to be a good leader. 2. Procrastination is where my lowest scores were at. I am a great procrastinator even though I always end up getting the job done in the end. Even still procrastination is not
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Unformatted text preview: the way to be especially when it comes to working within a group and I think this is something I have been working on all my life. 3. No I do not see a correlation between my lowest score and the table. Maybe because I am really good at working with other people and motivating them that I compensate for my procrastination abilities....
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