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BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 13 Frances Drew

BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 13 Frances Drew - the strongest ones...

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Chapter 13 Management In Action BUS 137 Principles of Management 1903SU Frances Drew 1. A combination of problem solving teams and project teams are being used at ICU. If you take knowledgeable workers that meet for a temporary team to solve a problem and then combined with Self-managed teams that are given the right to oversee their tasks, I think that you will come up with the teams at ICU. 2. The teams at ICU are self-managed in the fact that they are given the freedom to act on their own. For the most part when they come up with a solution, their CEO, though he has the option, has never vetoed their decisions. This gives them power and motivation to work together to solve problems. They know that their CEO has the confidence in them to get together and solve problems. 3. Of the 7 techniques that are used for building good teams I think that 1-4 are
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Unformatted text preview: the strongest ones that they utilize. The company has allowed for all employees to give feedback on completed tasks. They also receive incentives on completed and while they are choosing their own teams members they are able to elect their leaders. 4. There was a lot of tension with the rewards program previously. By creating a team to solve the problem and making their own handbook with this team, they have all had to agree on a system that now works for them. The have made everyone accountable for their actions and receive incentives based on what they have contributed to the team overall. 5. I think that they utilized the dialectic method to solve their team conflicts. Using this method they were able to really understand everyone views and came up with a win win situation for everyone who is involved in the team....
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