BUS 137 1903SU Test 3 Part 2 Frances Drew

BUS 137 1903SU Test 3 Part 2 Frances Drew - Test 3 Part 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Test 3, Part 2 BUS 137 Principles of Management 1903SU Frances Drew 1. The term emotional intelligence refers to the way that a person relates to other persons in the workplace. For example the most essential trait is self-awareness is the trait that allows you to gages your own mood and emotions realistically so that you know how you are affecting other people. Self-management is the ability to control those emotions and social awareness social awareness is how one can show empathy with other persons. Relationship management is the ability to clearly communicate and build good personal bonds. While most companies may not put a lot of stock into emotional intelligence, many top 40 fortune 500 companies utilize emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can bring greater sales to a company along with greater productivity for companies that score higher emotional intelligence scores. Finally the staff is going to be more satisfied and stable in companies that uphold the importance of emotional intelligence. importance of emotional intelligence....
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