Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford Zappos July 11

Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford Zappos July 11 -...

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Zappos Mkt 120 1902SU Ms. Seaford Frances Drew 1. Zappos has made itself a different retailer in many ways. First they start by marketing themselves to be a service company that sells a lot of different items. Most companies are only about the bottom dollar but Zappos and their core values allows them to be a company that has loyal customers that through word of mouth, continue to do business with them. 2. Zappos treats both it employees and it customers with the same core values that the company was built on. They would rather hire new employees that
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Unformatted text preview: have no experience than to have to change those employees core values. Through humility and the other 9 core values that Zappos believes in they continue to lead through online businesses. 3. When Amazon bought Zappos they not only acquired the brand but they were also buying the entire good name that Zappos had created for itself. By the two companies joining forces they are able to further the Zappos name and use Amazons backing to keep it going....
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