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BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 12 Frances Drew

BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 12 Frances Drew - Chapter 12...

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Chapter 12 Management In Action BUS 137 Principles of Management 1903SU Frances Drew 1. Sue Nokes took note that the customer service employees had a 100% turnover rate and a 12% daily absenteeism rate. She realized that the basics needs of employees to feel as though they are needed within the company were not being met. My noticing things like the fact that the employees did not have their own personal space within the company and rotated cubicles. And by using rewards and recognition programs, made the employees want to stay at their job. Before T-Mobile was losing good people because their employees did not feel as though they belonged within the organization. 2. By Nokes changing the hygiene factors within the organization she is giving the employees the since that this is their company and that they want to work there. Employees want to know that if they work hard they will be reward by promotions. She also takes it a step further by rewarding them with trips.
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