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BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 11 Frances Drew

BUS 137 1903SU Chapter 11 Frances Drew - score a 4 with...

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Chapter 11 Self-Assessment BUS 137 Principles of Management 1903SU Frances Drew 1. I scored a 39 in my EI test. This scored did not really surprise me. Actually I thought I would have scored lower in this area. While I am able to relate well with other people and can generally handle most stressful situation when it comes to handling setbacks and being a little bit impatient, I would have thought that those two would have brought my score down. 2. The lowest score I received was for questions 9, being able to get out of a bad mood. I am a bit notorious for this around the house. When I am In a funk I stay that way. This Is something that I work on day to day. However everything else In the questionnaire I
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Unformatted text preview: score a 4 with only one 5. So I will pick impatience. While this gives you a better score on the test I do not think this is such a good thing. I am also working to calm myself when it comes to being impatience because this tends to be something that will put me in the bad mood to begin with. 3. I think that my EI helps when working in a team as far as being about to put myself in other people shoes. This was my highest score and I can defiantly empathize with most people in personal situation. However my impatience with people can really be a drawback which is why it is something that needs a lot of work....
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