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BUS-137 Test 2 Take Home - Principles of Management BUS-137...

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Principles of Management BUS-137 TEST #2 (Take-Home) DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST Part 1: Multiple-Choice Questions: Select the best answer (2 points each). 1. Having just spent $1500 for a new engine for his old car, Roland now learns his transmission needs to be replaced. Roland decides to junk the car. Roland has avoided continuing the ______________ bias. a. anchoring b. adjustment c. availability d. escalation of commitment 2. McDonald’s has a procedure for making hamburgers that specifies the order in which ketchup and mustard are put onto the burger. McDonald’s is a(n) ____________ organization. a. conglomerate b. integrated c. mechanistic d. flat 3. In which stage in the rational decision-making model do you evaluate the chosen solution’s ability to take advantage of an opportunity? a. Stage 1 b. Stage 2 c. Stage 3 d. none of the above 4. The _________ a group is the _________ the quality of the decision. a. more diverse; lower b. smaller; higher c. more confident; higher d. more knowledgeable; lower 5. According to Lawrence and Lorsch, the __________ determine(s) the degree of differentiation or integration that is appropriate. a. amount of resources in the environment of an organization b. organization’s culture c. stability of an organization’s environment d. size of the organization
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6. The top executives at the Lemon Automobile Company have recognized that they are much slower than their competition at getting new designs to market. The problem seems to stern from problems in coordinating among the various functional departments that are involved in the
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BUS-137 Test 2 Take Home - Principles of Management BUS-137...

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