Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford Electrolux July 4

Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford Electrolux July 4 -...

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Mkt 120 1902SU Ms. Seaford Frances Drew 1. Electrolux realize that consumers have an “it’s all about me” attitude. They start with the consumer that knows what they need and Electrolux realizes that it is not for them to tell the consumer what it is they need, but that the company needs to be ahead of the consumer. They have people that sit with consumers at dinner parties and sit with people In their homes to see how they interact with the appliances. This gives a real inside idea of how consumer insight works. 2. Electrolux has an outside in approach and solving problems for consumers that they didn’t know they had. If they were developing products for
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Unformatted text preview: engineering and technology then I would assume that Electrolux would take the same approach. They would follow the consumer which would not be a home owner in this care but someone in the technology field and see what is needed and how the consumer would interact with the products. 3. Consumer trends of today with house hold appliances are not just about having a dishwasher in the home. Consumers what to have both functional appliances but ascetically pleases appliances. They are also looking to add value to their home and are looking for more sophisticated appliances like the ones that Electrolux has....
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