Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford Palmolive July 4

Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford Palmolive July 4 -...

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Mkt 120 1902SU Ms. Seaford Frances Drew 1. No I do not think that Colgate-Palmolive’s success has anything to do with the economy. As the text states “It seems as though looking and smelling clean might just be recession-proof concepts” is true. People are always going to need these products whether the economy is in a recession or not so by gearing their marketing in a way that shows the value of their product people are still going to
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Unformatted text preview: buy their products, price increase or not. 2. They should continue to hold the price as it is. If there is not a negative effect of the price increase then there is no reason to change anything. They should monitor their competitors prices. The quality is what the consumer is after therefore there the price increases will be ok as long as sales and revenue continue to grow....
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