Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford Radian6 June 13

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Radian6 Mkt 120 1902SU Ms. Seaford Frances Drew 1. Traditional research methods can be time consuming and not yield all the information needed. How does a company know what consumers to target? For the most part it seems to be a guessing game. Radian6 has tapped into the wonderful world of the web by taking advantage of what people are saying every day on social networking sites and blogs and relaying that information to its customers. It would seem inevitable that a company would develop this type of software for companies to get a read idea of what people are saying about their products. As far as shortcomings the first thing that popped into my head before I even watched the video was that it reminds me a bit of spying. Kind of like the government listening in on phone calls. Unless people really know and understand what Radian6 is then the general public may look down upon it. 2. Radian6’s research approach is that of surveying. They are always surveying the internet
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Unformatted text preview: every moment of the day looking for key words for their customers to give them a real pictures of what consumers are looking for today or what negative things people are a saying. Through real time online marketing research they are able to give their customers up to the minute updates for what people are saying about their products. Almost three-quarters of American’s have access to the internet so it has a vast amount of information that is readily available if deciphered through Radian6’s software. 3. Radian6 is able to provide its clients with up to the date information that is truly accurate to the minute. They can then relay this information to its clients that that these clients can then really know what people are saying about their products. By listening and then correcting any issues, and developing products that they know people are looking for, these companies are building stronger relationships with its consumers....
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